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Airlines made to advertise hidden charges

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After the OFT Office of Fair Trading stood in to make a change, 12 airlines will now be advertising their Credit and Debit card charges when you go to book a holiday. In a bid to cut unfair sales of flights tickets with hidden fees the first 12 airline companies will be making a change and hope that other companies follow.

On average, consumers spend £300m on hidden card surcharges each year and head of OFT, Clive Maxwell wants to put a stop to this. “This is a great outcome for the millions of people who buy flights online”. “It is important that the cost presented when they search for a flight is realistic and that they are not surprised by extra charges”.

Easyjet, Ryanair, Wizz Air, Thomson, Thomas Cook, Jet2, Lufthansa, German Wings, Flybe, Eastern Airways, BMI Baby and Aer Lingus are the first 12 airlines to take note and make a change.

A Hedgehog is your Gardens best friend

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Are you forever trying to beat the slugs to your lettuces each year? Perhaps you’re fed up of littering your flower beds in slug pellets and sprinkling gravel around your pots? There is a solution to this and it does not need to cost you money, you are doing something for the wildlife around you and the certain pest controller is very lovely to see. Have you guessed it yet? It is the Hedgehog.

Hedgehogs make great pest controllers and can cure your garden slug and snail problem in just three months and can consume up to 200 grams a night of other insects and bugs that damage plants. So if you play your part to keep them happy, they will keep you happy.

So what is the first thing to do to encourage a hedgehog into your garden? I am afraid the key thing to attracting a hedgehog is a wild and untidy garden, leave leaves littered around your garden or in a heap in a quiet corner, leaves and moss are a key nest building materials for a hedgehog. Another great idea is to leave a few logs stacked in your log pile, providing you have one of coarse, hedgehogs love to hide and nest under or near wood. If you have the space let your hedge rows grow wild with a few brambles, hedgehogs get their name for a reason.

The next point is an obvious one, because without these your hedgehog will not be able to get into your garden to perform his duties. Leave hols under the fence, wall and garden gates to allow you hedgehog to easily enter and exit.

Give your Hedgehogs tasty treats to help fatten them up for winter. Dog and Cat food whether it is wet or dry, this is the most popular snack to feed a hedgehog along with fresh water available. Just like you and I, a hedgehog thoroughly enjoys bits of cake and biscuits along with cooked vegetables and fresh or dried fruits.

To prevent harm from your small friends, make escape routes from deep water, although they love fresh water and a good swim, hedgehogs have small legs and need assistance getting out of ponds if they happen to go in. Make sure your fruit and vegetable nets aren’t too low to the ground too.

Armed with these few facts you should find yourself having your friendly and harmless pest controllers moving in to your garden in no time.

Millendreath Holiday Park being demolished

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The 1950’s holiday park in Cornwall which has been derelict for ten years now, has finally been demolished to make way for the £50 million residential and leisure complex which is expected to take five years to build.

Espalier developments, plan to build world class holiday homes and has said 75 jobs will be made in the five year construction project and 30 permanent jobs once the site is completed in five years.

Managing director Rick Gibbs there is a “tinge of nostalgia for memories of childhood holidays in this once thriving resort”. But he also added that “We are now looking forward to bringing a new life to the valley.”