Saturday, June 15, 2024

Airlines made to advertise hidden charges

After the OFT Office of Fair Trading stood in to make a change, 12 airlines will now be advertising their Credit and Debit card charges when you go to book a holiday. In a bid to cut unfair sales of flights tickets with hidden fees the first 12 airline companies will be making a change and hope that other companies follow.

On average, consumers spend £300m on hidden card surcharges each year and head of OFT, Clive Maxwell wants to put a stop to this. “This is a great outcome for the millions of people who buy flights online”. “It is important that the cost presented when they search for a flight is realistic and that they are not surprised by extra charges”.

Easyjet, Ryanair, Wizz Air, Thomson, Thomas Cook, Jet2, Lufthansa, German Wings, Flybe, Eastern Airways, BMI Baby and Aer Lingus are the first 12 airlines to take note and make a change.

Richard Branson with you ‘in spirit’

Sir Richard Branson creates ice cubes for all first class passengers enabling them to enjoy a drink with him when flying with Virgin Atlantic.

Just picture it. You are on a long flight to your desired destination perhaps on business and enjoying a love chilled G+T. You take a sip and see Richards face grinning right back at you. Many are not sure about this and find it rather funny watching him melt in the bottoms of their glasses while others seem to enjoy the experience and are grateful to have Sir Richard Branson’s head in their drink.


Richard Branson Ice Cube

Richard Branson in Ice


Richards intentions are so he can travel with his passengers ‘in spirit’ whilst allow customers to experience what it is like to enjoy a drink with a billionaire entrepreneur. It took 6 skilled designers to come up with the overall result using laser scanning and photographic technology to create the moulds.


ATOL Flight Protection Is Set To Begin

 Air Travel Organisers Licensing, ATOL, announces new scheme which is set to protect on average 6 million holiday makers when faced with unexpected problems with their flights whilst taking their summer holidays.

When already purchasing a package holiday or all inclusive holiday where all travel, accommodation and food cost are paid as one, you are already covered if something was to happen to your airline after purchasing your holiday or even worse while you are abroad. What it does is simply protects you if the flight company was to go bust. When this happens you either lose your money or even worse you are away on holiday and cannot fly back home again.

This is a very stressful thing when it happens and now ATOL have made it law that normal holiday packages are now protected too in the event of refund needed by introducing a new licence where holiday makers booking a breakaway you will be sent a certificate to say you are covered in the event of this happening.

The certificates will be put in place by October 2012.