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Vaporizer – Electronic Nicotine Cigarette Vaporizers

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Vaporizer Cigarettes

In the last few years, many cigarette smokers have switched to using electronic equivalents of traditional cigarettes. Electric nicotine vaporizer devices are rapidly becoming more popular, with million being sold every month in the UK alone.

Vaporizers are devices that deliver nicotine vapour by heating a nicotine infused liquid to create a steam vapour.

Unlike electronic cigarettes which tend to look like and resemble tobacco shaped cigarettes, vaporizers are more like a pen shaped device. They have a  battery, heater element, reservoir and a mouth piece. The problems with cigarette shaped electronic cigarettes are that they are limited in size (by the very nature of trying to be the same shape and size of a cigarette) and by the limited nature of the cartridges that they offer.

With an electronic cigarette, you can only buy the ‘cartomizer’ cartridges that are supplied for the specific type that you buy. With a vaping pen, you have far more choices because you can add any eliquid of your choice to the reservoir tank and therefore smoke any blend that you choose.

Because of the size issues, you also have far more flexibility with battery life because vaping pens have larger more powerful batteries than are possible within the size confines of an electronic cigarette.


Vaporizer twin pack



There are a huge selection of different eliquid flavours and strengths available, and because you are not tied to a specific manufacturer  you are free to choose from any e-liquids from any manufacturers you prefer.

E liquids have three main ingredients, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine and Flavourings. You can read more about the contents of vape eliquids here.

There are increasingly more and more different flavours of e juice on the market, offering virtually every flavour imaginable. This massive choice of colours provides something for everyone meaning that no matter what your personal taste preferences, you will always have the taste you want at any particular time.


The term vaporizer covers mains powered humidifier devicesmains powered humidifier vaporizers as well as hand held nicotine vaporizer pens. The term vaporizer describes any device that creates steam by heating a liquid using a heated element.

Cigarette vaporizers consist of several components, a battery, heater element, eliquid reservoir tank and a mouthpiece. They come in many shapes and sizes, however, they all work in the same fundamental way. When you press a button, the heater element turns the eliquid into steam which is emitted through the mouthpiece.

The two most important factors that affect performance are the reservoir size and the battery size. These are the biggest advantages that vaporizers have over cigarette shaped electronic smoking devices. Because they are not limited by their size and shape, vaporizers have a larger e-liquid reservoir tank as opposed to a cartridge that is usually only the size of a traditional tobacco cigarette filter and is preloaded with a small quantity of eliquid.

The batteries of cigarette shaped electronic cigarettes form the white paper part of the cigarette, and are also limited in size because of this. Many cigarette shaped devices have short battery life because of this and are not capable of lasting for a whole day on one charge. Vaporizer pens have more flexibility as they have larger capacity batteries with a longer lifespan. While small batteries are available and offer 8 hours of usable time depending on the level of usage. These 8 hour batteries are compact and very useful for reducing the size of the device if you require a compact pen for an evening out for example. Larger capacity vaping pens are more practical for a whole days reliable usage. Bigger batteries typically last in excess of 24 hours easily offering even heavy smokers with long term vaping from dawn til dusk.

Many batteries now include a charge indicator, as well as a heater control so you can adjust the heat used to make your vapour. Some flavours of eliquid can sometimes taste a little burnt if heated for too long, and an adjustable heating element gives you the control you need to create your perfect vapor time after time.

Health and Vaporizer Safety

Many smokers want to know how safe vaporizers are to use? Obviously compared to cigarettes they are a much less harmful way to get your nicotine. The ingredients in eliquid contain none of the 70 cancer causing carcinogens found in tobacco such as tar, arsenic, carbon monoxide (see full list of all 70 here), so compared with tobacco, e cigarettes and vaporizers are a much safer alternative.

Because electronic cigarette devices have only been in use for a few years, it is very early to say that there are absolutely no negative effects related to vaping, but the ingredients are a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco.

It is safe to say that not using nicotine in any form is the safest thing to do, but if you want to use nicotine then a vaporizer or e-cigarette is a far safer way to do it.

Choose from the best value vaporiser devices at and make the switch to tasty, flavoured nicotine and save up to 80% on the cost of smoking.



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