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Are Electronic E-Cigarettes Here To Stay?

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Are E-Cigarettes here to stay?

We all know only too well that smoking tobacco is bad for us, there is only one probable outcome.Cancer rates in smokers exceed those for non smokers & are more severe. There has been a lot of press recently about the alleged dangers of e-cigarettes and potential safety concerns.Around the world, the tobacco industry continues to exercise considerable influence.

If our government truly had our interests foremost in their minds, they would save us from ourselves and ban cigarettes from sale in the UK. They have legislated in order to ‘save us’ from far less dangerous products and activities….. read about the possible benefits of e-cigarettes

In the UK we have a Government that is prepared to risk strangling industry with health and safety red tape in order to mitigate a small risk to workers, while at the same time ignoring the 100,000 annual deaths that are caused by smoking. Tobacco currently earns the Government £12.1 Billion annually, and that money would have to be found elsewhere if smoking was to be banned. It seems logical to therefore conclude that our Politicians will protect us from ourselves unless there is a powerful economic reason for not doing so.

e-cigarettes and vaporizers like these may well be regulated soon

It would be highly unlikely that e-cigarettes will escape regulation completely because with their use growing as rapidly as it is, being able to tax e-liquid must look very inviting to the Chancellor. Currently a bottle of e-liquid costs £4.99 and is the direct equivalent of about 200 cigarettes. 200 cigarettes would cost you £60 – £80 depending on your preferred brand, so the saving at present are significant. It is the smoking cessation industry that seems to be behind the majority of the anti e-cigarette press and publicity. The tobacco companies have remained quite quiet on the subject to date. It’s difficult to argue that a new product might not be 100% healthy when you are selling a product that is proven to kill people!

In order to effective tax e-liquid, the Government needs to be able to control its supply and regulation would make that possible. However, because it’s possible to make your own e-juice from high street ingredients, will this make e-cigarettes untaxable and therefore more likely to be banned?

So where does all this leave us? What is in store for e-cigarettes in the months and years to come? Will they become mainstream smoking devices or be banned by law and consigned to the annals of history? Time will tell. One thing is for certain, it won’t be health considerations that ultimately decide their fate but finance, taxation and business. It seems unlikely that e-cigarettes and vaporizers will escape regulation. This is mostly because they have the potential to significantly reduce the tobacco tax revenue the Government receives annually. If that revenue can’t be replaced, then regardless of whether e-cigs are less harmful or not, the financial implications of their usage would be to great to tolerate.

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E-Cigarettes Growing in Popularity

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E-Cigarettes and their Benefits

The use of electronic cigarettes has been steadily growing because more and more smokers are realising the benefits of using an e-cigarette or vaporizer.

There are three main advantages of e-cigarettes;

  • Cost savings of around 90%
  • Reduced Health Risks
  • Convenience of being able to use the devices where smoking is banned

Cost Savings of E-Cigarettes

Since the March 2013 UK budget, a packet of 20 cigarettes costs arounf £8 depending on the brand you smoke. That works out to £80 per 200 cigarettes. For the sake of argument, let’s say you smoke a cheaper brand (and who wouldn’t at those prices?), so 200 are currently costing you £60.

Once you have bought an e-cigarette or vaporizer (you can get an e-cigarette starter kit for £19.99 online), the only cost you have is for bottles of e-liquid, which come in 10ml bottles for $4.99 each. Each 10ml bottle of e-liquid is the equivalent of 200 cigarettes, so even against a cheaper brand, you will be saving £55 per 200 fags!

E-liquids come in 4 strengths of nicotine so you can wean yourself off nicotine if that’s what you want to do. E-juice also comes in an ever growing range of tastes and flavours, so you aren’t just stuck with tobacco flavour, but can try different fruit flavours, coffee, chocolate, vanilla etc.

Reduced Health Risks of E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine without the additional carcinogenic nasties that are present in tobacco. You don’t get Tar, Carbon Monoxide, or the other poisons and chemicals that are present in cigarette smoke. This makes vaping a much less harmful habit than smoking. The long term effects of using electronic cigarettes are still unclear, and no one is saying that using a vaporizer is 100% safe and healthy, but when compared to smoking cigarettes, using an e-cigarette minimises many of the known risks to your health.

In addition, e-cigarettes do not pose a threat by way of passive smoking because they give off water vapour, with minute traces of nicotine, which in isolation isn’t more harnful to us than caffeine.

Convenience of E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers bypass the current UK anti-smoking laws, allowing you to get a nicotine hit in many of the places where smoking in banned. In time, the UK government will extend the smoking ban to include, private cars and driving, private homes, and who knows where else. E-cigarettes allow you to ‘smoke’ in public building, so you will no longer have to stand outside in the cold like a social pariah, huddled around an ineffective patio heater in a smoking shelter next to some grimy pub toilets!

Because e-cigarettes are so much safer than smoking, you can use your vaporizing device in many more places. This is one of the main reasons for thieir rapidly growing popularity.

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