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Online I Spy Game Launched

Online I Spy Game Launched

January 2013 sees the launch of a brand new online i spy game called Viespy.

Played using a smartphone or with a camera, players (called Agents in the game) have to find a series of 10 items from different lists, and take photo’s of them.

Photo’s are then uploaded via either the iPhone App, the Android App or from a camera straight into a PC.

Foto Ferret, founder of Viespy the Online I Spy Game

Foto Ferret, founder of Viespy

Online I Spy Game – Missions

Each collection of 10 items is called a mission, and your photo’s are uploaded into that mission where you score different points for each depending on how easy or difficult each item is to find.

The website keeps a score for each person playing that mission and produces a scoreboard which also measures how quickly photo’s are uploaded.

Points are won depending on how high you finish in the mission.

Every time you win 100 points, 300 coins are added to your coinbank, which allows you to buy play against more people.

Online I Spy Game – Spyrings

Groups of people playing against each other are grouped into Spyrings, and a Spyring can have multiple missions, so you might have a Spyring for ‘Family” another for “School” another for “Friends” another for “Cubs” “Guides” “Class 4c” “Cycling Club” etc

In each Spyring you can then have as many missions as you like. So in “Cubs” you might have “Treasure Hunt” “Trip to the Zoo” “London Trip” “Day on The Beach” “Tidying the Village” etc

Signing up is totally free and the game only costs you money if you want to play set up more than 5 Spyrings or play a mission against more than 5 people in a Spyring. Even then, it doesn’t cost more then a couple of pounds and you can win the coins you need to buy more functionality by playing “Public Missions“. If you play lots of public missions, you won’t need to spend any money to buy Viespy coins.

Online I Spy Game – Foto Ferret (Our Founder)

Foto Ferret has a habit of giving away coins on Facebook and Twitter, so follow him on both social networks so you can collect your free coins every time he offers them;

Foto Ferret on Twitter

Foto Ferret on Facebook

Public missions are played against the whole world rather than between your friends, and you earn 100 points for each public mission that you complete.

There are hundreds of “Public Missions” to play, with more being added all the time.

This video will show you how to sign up;

Playing the Viespy online I Spy Game is easy once you understand the basics.

You can create your own missions to play against your friends, or you can copy a “Public Mission” into one of your Spyrings and use that instead.

How to Play Viespys Online I Spy Game

  • All you need to do is to register at
  • Then set up a Spyring
  • Then add a mission to it
  • Then invite people to play against

Once you have signed up, watch this video about setting up a Spyring first;

Viespy is going to be the big Smartphone game of 2013, so start playing today and let your imagination run away with you…..

Register to play Viespy here