Saturday, June 15, 2024

French taxes will cost us more on French holidays

The price of French holidays is expected to rise as president Francois Hollande plans to increase tax on foreign homowners.

The news comes from the announcement recently made for the need to reduce the countries large budget deficit and the only way to do this is to increase taxes.

And it seems that the only taxes that will be raised are those that we British holiday home owners pay. According to the French finance minister, around 60,000 properties will be affected when a tax increase of around 20 percent will be added to rental prices and 19 percent to sale prices. So how can you get around this making it more cost effective for you?

It seems that if you already rent out your property in France or you are planning to, you have to increase the price to cover your cost. Selling isn’t really an option as you will lose out here too. Those of you who choose to sit tight and just accept the increase taxes may be all right if you have a small or nonexistent mortgage on the property.

This whole idea the French government have right now could actually back fire on them when Brits decide to visit other holidays instead as it will be cheaper in the long run. A treasury source from the British government has said “We will need to study the details. But we will of course challenge any proposal which breaches European single market laws and anti-discrimination rules.”

Price cuts on UK holidays

Due to the bad weather we Brits have been experiencing already this year many of us are craving holidays in the sun to get away from the traditional English weather and the British prices that come with UK holidays.

Because of this UK holiday resorts are making a desperate bid to stop British holiday makers from going abroad by cutting their prices by up to 50%.

Companies like Butlins and Pontins are launching ‘stay caution’ offering deals that have cut last year’s prices in half to encourage people to come and stay, along with cottages4you, for those who like a self-catering holiday in the UK are offering 20% off their prices.

British travel agent spokesmen said “Holidaymakers are looking for guaranteed sunshine.“Euro zone countries are also benefiting because the pound has risen against the euro by about 10 per cent since last year.”


Summer bookings in every country are up by 17 percent this year thanks to the English weather.

ATOL Flight Protection Is Set To Begin

 Air Travel Organisers Licensing, ATOL, announces new scheme which is set to protect on average 6 million holiday makers when faced with unexpected problems with their flights whilst taking their summer holidays.

When already purchasing a package holiday or all inclusive holiday where all travel, accommodation and food cost are paid as one, you are already covered if something was to happen to your airline after purchasing your holiday or even worse while you are abroad. What it does is simply protects you if the flight company was to go bust. When this happens you either lose your money or even worse you are away on holiday and cannot fly back home again.

This is a very stressful thing when it happens and now ATOL have made it law that normal holiday packages are now protected too in the event of refund needed by introducing a new licence where holiday makers booking a breakaway you will be sent a certificate to say you are covered in the event of this happening.

The certificates will be put in place by October 2012.