Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mini has gone commercial with a Clubvan

Mini has gone commercial creating a tidy and trendy van that doesn’t actually look like a van. Turning the Clubman into a Clubvan, BMW Mini have made the first compact, comfy and stylish commercial vehicle to suit all your working needs.

With five doors, two seats and a partition wall separating you from your cargo the Clubvan has been described as ‘when business meets pleasure’.

Recently launched at the Goodwood festival of speed, the new mini Clubvan will be available in three different versions, a 98bhp Mini One Clubvan, 122bhp Mini Cooper Clubvan or the 112bhp Mini Cooper D Clubvan starting at a minimum of £11,175 for the Mini One.

By visiting Mini’s website you can design your new van to be exactly how you would like it to be with a choice of four classic colours and an ultra modern interior there is no other van on the road like it.

Mini have now created luxury family cars, comfortable 4×4’s, speedy racing cars and now the commercial vehicle we will all be intrigued to see if a pick up will come from this now. 


Ford announce the price for their new Focus ST

The new 2012 Ford Focus ST has now had a price tag attached costing £21,995.

The new 247brp hot hatch will cost the above price while its ST Estate model will cost £23,095 to purchase from new. As of June 1st orders are being taken for the purchase of these stunning new Fords with Dealers expected to receive them by September 2012.

Compared to Volkswagen, who have bumped up the price of their VW Golf GTI in the recent year, to £25,330 despite having a 207 bhp engine. It seems that Ford might come out on top with their new model with UK Ford enthusiasts itching to get their hands on the wheel.

Between 2002 and 2010 Ford sold 35,000 of their previous ST models and is expected to do just as well as the vehicle will be available to purchase globally.

So what can be expected from the new Focus ST?

Tuned to produce 247brp with its 2.0 litre ecoboost engine, the ST has lost its 5th cylinder which the previous Volvo- sourced ST engine had meaning emissions and economy will improve by a staggering fifth with 169g/km of CO2 and 39.2mg.

The UK ST model will come equipped with Bluetooth, Keyless start, Recaro seats, DAB radio and 18 inch alloys as standard.

Armoured vehicles sore in fear of terror attack

Heads of state and wealthy business men in the UK are forking out up to £60,000 to customize their vehicles to make them bomb proof ahead of the Olympic Games.

Mark Burton, chief executive and president of Armormax, car modification company says, ‘’ The UK one of our two fastest growing markets, alongside South Africa. There has been a huge increase in interest and I would say it is around 200 per cent in the last year and a half. This is a trend that has been going on for a number of years here, probably since the bombings in 2005 occurred’’.

These modified vehicles are said to be able to withstand any terrorist attacks like bombs and rockets but you wouldn’t be able to notice the difference if one was to drive past you.

The UK based operation is in Ipswich, Suffolk with a work force of 12 people. Since they opened in 1993 they have enhanced and built up to 8,000 vehicles, including 40 heads of state’s cars and the Popemobile.

It’s a great idea and I’m sure many people would love to see an armoured range rover but isn’t this all a bit extreme?

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

After we all got excited about Victoria Beckham’s version of the new Range Rover Evoque convertible, it seems that already that is old news when Land Rover’s design and engineering department played around to create an Evoque soft top convertible, which was seen on display at the Geneva Motor show in March and was a great hit.

But unfortunately this was just simply Land Rover testing their skills of design and is not available for anyone to buy.

Victoria Beckham’s Designer Evoque

Victoria Beckham turns her attention from Clothes to Cars as she designs her own Range Rover Evoque.

The former singer come fashion designer turns all of her time and attention into designing what would be the perfect car for hubby and professional footballer David Beckham. After taking notes on her husband’s likes and dislikes when it come to cars, Victoria kept all of this in mind along with her own wish list to suit hers and her family’s needs when teaming up with Land Rover to design her limited edition Evoque.

The limited edition VB Land Rover shows off its 20” Black alloy wheels, 2.0 Si4 Petrol engine with top speeds of 135 mph reaching 0-60 in 7.1 seconds. Gloss black detailing to trims contrasts well with the unique and first for Land Rover, Hand finished mat paint. Mohair floor mats and micro suede roof liner. Hand finished leather seats, door inserts, arm rests and console lid. Interior rose-gold plated accents.

Not only do you get all of these key features with this limited edition 4×4 your get a set of Victoria Beckham bespoke fitted and matching hand luggage.

Victoria and Daughter Harper were seen shopping in Beijing after the unveiling of the new Evoque at the Beijing motor show. I wonder if a special designer baby seat is available for the new Land Rover.

There are 200 available to buy but at a hefty price tag of £80.000 if you do wish to get your hands on one.