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Breathalyzer kits needed for new French law

July 2, 2012 by  
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As of July 1st 2012 the French government has ruled that all motorists in the country have to carry a breathalyzer kit in their vehicle or face a fine, this includes foreign visitors too.

In a bid to reduce the numbers of road deaths caused by drink driving, the French government believe if motorists can check their alcohol levels before setting off 500 lives can be saved as a result.

Many are saying this is simply a way of making more money out of road users, as if fuel prices, tax and insurance costs weren’t high enough, all drivers in France now have to spend money on a breathalyzer kit along with the already enforced practice of a high visibility vest or jacket and a warning triangle. If found without a breathalyzer kit in your vehicle you face a fine of $11 (£9) but you are expected to purchase these kits first for a minimum of £3.00 for a disposable kits or £100 for a digital version.

The new law has already been put in place but fines will not be issued until the 1st of November 2012 due the fact that there are simply not enough breathalyzer kits to go around so companies are currently manufacturing them thick and fast. So many believe that is purely a way of making money since the French daily paper, Sud Ouest, reported that the president of the anti drink driving lobby, Daniel Orgeval, also works for the one of the two leading breathalyzer kits manufacturers, Contralco. It seems too much of a coincidence that Contralco released their latest product after being in financial difficulties right before the new law has been put in place.

While this is a good idea and should drum into road users heads that they cannot get away with drink driving, it is coming across that this is simply a money making scheme. What do you think?

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