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Shopping to Shwopping with M&S

April 30, 2012 by  
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Marks and Spencer and Oxfam join forces with Joanna Lumley to launch new recycling scheme for unwanted clothing putting a stop the number of unwanted clothing ending up in our UK landfill sites.

The new way to shop with M&S is now to be known as shwopping when Joanna Lumley took to Brick Lane, East London last Thursday and decorated the street and its buildings with old unwanted items of clothing to advertise new campaign for M&S.

Lumley promises that this new system of buying something new and swapping it for something old will make a huge difference for those living in poverty and will change lives. As well as the thousands of items of clothing that end up in our landfills M&S are keen to recycle an item of clothing with every item they sell with the help of leading charity Oxfam. This being 350 million items each year. Joanna pleads with the nation in her statement of…

We’re asking people to open their hearts, their minds and their wardrobes. Remember we used to just throw away plastic bottles. Now we recycle them without even thinking about it. We need to do the same with clothing. Bring in something old; buy something new. Swap and shop. It’s that simple.’

So next time you find yourself tossing that old summer top a side or even just an unwanted scarf that your granny knitted for you, why not do something good and pop into your nearest Marks and Spencer store and simply buy something new and swap it for your something old.

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