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Richard Branson with you ‘in spirit’

May 8, 2012 by  
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Sir Richard Branson creates ice cubes for all first class passengers enabling them to enjoy a drink with him when flying with Virgin Atlantic.

Just picture it. You are on a long flight to your desired destination perhaps on business and enjoying a love chilled G+T. You take a sip and see Richards face grinning right back at you. Many are not sure about this and find it rather funny watching him melt in the bottoms of their glasses while others seem to enjoy the experience and are grateful to have Sir Richard Branson’s head in their drink.


Richard Branson Ice Cube

Richard Branson in Ice


Richards intentions are so he can travel with his passengers ‘in spirit’ whilst allow customers to experience what it is like to enjoy a drink with a billionaire entrepreneur. It took 6 skilled designers to come up with the overall result using laser scanning and photographic technology to create the moulds.


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