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Time Capsule found by builders

May 28, 2012 by  
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Two builders working on an 18th century cottage in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire found a time capsule in the wall cavity that dates back to 1953.

11 copies of the Daily Mirror reporting the Queen’s coronation, a coronation souvenir guide, a copy of the radio times and a coach ticked to London were found between two pieces of cardboard in the wall cavity by 27 year old Tom Butler and 50 Year old David Handscombe local demolition builders.

It is believed that the capsule was left there when the former pub was being restored by 59 years ago builder, Lawrence Gilson. Inside the package was also a leaflet detailing how the cottage was originally built as pub n 1750 and then later restored into a cottage in 1953.

Toms father Colin aged 51 who also works for Butler Brothers Demolition Contractors said “We only came across it by luck because of the way we’ve taken the cottage apart bit by bit so we can reclaim the bricks and other items”. “It was amazing to read all the old news in the newspapers. One was even dates May 23, the day that we discovered it”.

So for all builders who may be reading this, when restoring old properties be sure to look out for similar historical facts that tell a story everybody will be pleased to hear.

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