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Modern Art Not So Modern – 41,000 Year Old Paintings Offer Clues to Neanderthal’s Artistry

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Modern Art?

After a recent find of cave artwork found in Spain believing to date back as far as 41,000 years ago we can now see that our understanding of modern art is not all that different to what was considered to be art all those years ago.

41,000 Year Old

50 different wall paintings found in 11 caves in Spain have been analysed and is now believed to be 41,000 years old, ten thousand years older that what was originally perceived. The images found are the oldest cave paintings in Europe and the earliest accurately dated pieces in the world.

Most cave paintings found are of animals but not all of them in this case, it seems that the earliest forms of this type of artistry are actually similar to our form of modern art today.

The pictures are believed to be painted by Neanderthals but until further research is done it is hard to say.

modern art is possibly not quite so modern

Art is as they say very much in the eyes of the beholder. What one person my consider to be an exquisite masterpiece, others debunk as unworthy of the title.


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